About Us

The EDHEC Consulting Club was created in November 2016. Although the club is quite young, its ambition doesn’t equal its age.

Strategy consulting has a promising future. However, being part of a consulting firm does not happen by magic. You need to train yourself with some case cracking, which requires good analysis, market studies, and good logic.

Our club helps students, first by allowing them to have access to Vocaprep at an unbeatable price, second by creating a synergy of the groups which is reflected in better information sharing.

Throughout the year, many events are planned, case cracking sessions will be reserved to club members. However, if you are in doubt concerning the consulting field, you can participate to our public events which will mainly be a presentation of different consulting firms. With those presentations, you will be able to ask as many questions as you wish directly to consultants, you will also be able to network, and hand out copies of your resume.

Our subscription fees equal €15, and you only need to pay it once.