About Us

The EDHEC Consulting Club is the only association at EDHEC Business School that is linked to the world of strategy consulting. It has the main vocation to raise awareness among the EDHEC students – including pré-master, Master 1, Master 2 and international students – about strategy consulting. For the students who want to enquire about the subject more deeply and even want to create their pathway to join a prestigious strategy consulting firm, the EDHEC Consulting Club offer the students trainings during their studies.

The EDHEC Consulting Club realizes a strategic monitoring about the world of strategy consulting in order to keep the most important information and make it available to the students and those who want to keep a steady touch with the consultancy world.

The EDHEC Consulting Club is in a permanent touch with strategy consulting firms and consultants who are ready to speak to the students to present them their expertise and their job. It is thus the opportunity to have access to a large network deep into the closed world of strategy consulting.

But the EDHEC Consulting Club is above all else the association that casts a favourable light on the EDHEC students – their profiles, personal and intellectual skills – to the human resources of the greatest strategy consulting firms. It is thus the beginning of a virtuous circle which allows the EDHEC students to have their place inside the most prestigious strategy consulting firms.

The EDHEC Consulting Club has been created in the end of the year 2016 by a small group of students in Master 1 who drew the following analysis: the best business schools in the world have a consulting club except the EDHEC Business School, which however belongs to the group of the best business schools. It is one among the multiple reasons that explains why the profile and the skills of EDHEC students are mostly unknown to the human resources of the best strategy consulting firms. The first objective was to prepare the students to the strategy consulting recruiting and promote the profile of the EDHEC students.