The EDHEC Consulting Club (ECC) is an association created in 2015 aimed at presenting the consulting world to EDHEC students and helping them to prepare the recruitment process of the most prestigious consulting firms such as McKinsey. In order to complete our goals successfully, we organize various events on the EDHEC campus. Indeed, we build partnerships with consultants who give conferences to talk about their activity, answer students’ questions and organize case cracking sessions.
Thus, we give the opportunity to students to improve their problem-solving skills as well as to glean precious advice to perform well during the different rounds of selection. We also publish articles and posters offering students relevant information about companies and industries. We constantly strive for innovation as exemplified by the biggest case cracking competition in EDHEC Business School. Every member in ECC believes that while we give the best training and assistance to EDHEC Business School students, we at the same time benefit from the resources we create.
Most importantly, our association wants to create a community of students who are interested in consulting as we truly believe that together we always go further and achieve more.

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