ECC - What's happening in the mobility industry?

1. As the COVID-19 continues to spread, the global automotive industry has suffered unprecedented hits, starting a "stoppage tide". In the past week, several car companies have announced a suspension of production.

Coronavirus shutdown to cut Europe, Americas auto production by 1.44 million

According to Reuters, market consultancy IHS Markit estimates that as major automakers close their entire vehicle manufacturing plants in response to the COVID-19, auto output in Europe, North America and Latin America may be reduced by about 1.44 million units. Suspended production at factories around the world has raised concerns that prolonged shutdowns could severely affect company profits. IHS Markit predicts that an average 13-day suspension of auto plants in Europe will reduce car production by more than 880,000 units, of which 256,000 will be reduced in Germany, 140,000 by Spain, and 100,000 by France.

Japan's top seven automakers will reduce global production capacity by 30% due to the outbreak

Toyota and other Japanese automakers have also suspended production in North America following the closure of European plants in response to the spread of a new coronavirus epidemic. The move will reduce Japan's top seven automakers' global output by about a third. (Nihon Keizai Shimbun)

2. Facing the epidemic, governments and automaker giants have made efforts to achieve mutually beneficial cooperative relations

According to Reuters, the South Korean government, on 16 March, announced that it will provide financial support to help the car industry survive the crisis of the new coronavirus and warned that supply chains in Europe and the United States could be disrupted.

Meanwhile, according to French daily newspaper Le Parisien, Renault Chairman Jean-Dominique Senard said in an interview that Renault could be largely affected by the new coronavirus epidemic. The government guarantees to improve the financial situation, but will not consider the means of nationalisation.

Reuters’ news, top executives at Italian automakers Ferrari and Fiat Chrysler (FCA) said on 19 March, that the two companies are in talks with the country's largest ventilator maker, Siare, to help improve medical equipment that is urgently needed in a new coronavirus outbreak Yield. Currently, FCA and Ferrari have two options: either to help Siare increase the plant's capacity with the support of their technicians, or to outsource the production of ventilators.

Bloomberg brought news flash, Tesla is also in contact with Medtronic Plc, a leading medical device company, and plans to produce ventilators. Tesla CEO Elon Musk said on Twitter on Saturday that he had a good talk with Medtronic on ventilator production. And with the outbreak of COVID-19, it is expected that the ventilator will face a shortage of supplies.

3. Construction of production lines for electric vehicles and intelligent driving are still the main development goals followed by automakers

Three new all-electric models, including XJ, Road Rover and J-Pace, will be rolled out before the end of next year

According to a British media, Autocar reports, Jaguar Land Rover will transform its long-established Castle Bromwich factory in Britain into a professional electric car production center, thereby becoming one of the world's leading electric car manufacturers.

Waymo releases extended autonomous driving dataset, launches $ 110,000 challenge

Gasgoo reported that, as early as August 2019, Wamyo announced its Waymo Open Dataset (data-set). The company's chief scientist Dragomir Anguelov said that Waymo Open Dataset is the world's largest multi-modal corpus of autonomous driving.

In addition, Waymo announced the launch of a new Waymo Open Dataset competition. As part of the competition, it will be divided into 5 target detection and tracking challenges with a prize of up to $ 110,000. Winners will have the opportunity to participate in the CVPR 2020 conference in Seattle on June 14th to showcase their work at Waymo's Autonomous Driving Scalability Workshop.

“Even as COVID-19 continues to develop, we are committed to fostering an environment of innovation and learning,” wrote Anguelov in his blog.

- Article by Ziwei Chen -


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